2020 NYSBPA Youth Scholarship Tournament

NYS USBC Youth Tournament

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NYSBPA Youth Tournament

After much deliberation, the New York State Bowling Proprietors Association has decided to cancel its 2020 state youth tournament event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were 138 kids already qualified for the event, set to take place at Spare Time Latham in Albany, NY on July 25th.

“All of us at the NYSBPA understand and share in the disappointment of cancelling the event,” said Brian Borowski, NYSBPA President. “But this summer is the time to ensure the focus is on the safety and welfare of our bowling families.”

The COVID-19 pandemic already has had a damaging financial impact on families throughout the country and likely will affect the ability of many athletes to attend. Others may choose not to attend out of travel concerns, and the NYSBPA does not feel it is proper to put any additional stress on our advancers’ families.

“Everyone has seen how businesses have been hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last month, and that includes bowling centers,” Borowski said. “Everyone understands protecting our communities is the goal. Hopefully, we are able to open our doors soon and get everyone back on the lanes.”

In June, each of the 138 state finalists in the 2020 New York Scholarship Tournament will have $110.00 deposited into their SMART accounts as a “Thank You” for not being able to host the tournament as scheduled this year.

Later this summer we will post where and when the 2021 NYSBPA Youth Scholarship Tournament will be held.

Thank you again for understand and stay safe!


Brian Borowski

NYSBPA President

2019 NYS Youth Scholarship Tournament

2019 NYS Youth Scholarship Tournament Results

2019 NYS Youth Scholarship Tournament Winners

Boys Handicap Grades 4 & Under
left to right:

Charlie Denton, 1st; Nathan Armstrong, 2nd; Parker Nordhausen, 3rd

Girls Handicap Grades 4 & Under
left to right:

Lylie Colunio,1st; Lilianna DeAngelis, 2nd; Gianna Griggs, 3rd

Boys Handicap Grades 5-8
left to right:

Keith Salmiery, 1st; Cooper Ouellette, 2nd; Zackery Kawski, 3rd

Girls Handicap Grades 5-8
left to right:

Sophie Chesis, 1st; Kasey Whalen, 2nd; Elizabeth Schlling, 3rd

Boys Handicap Grades 9 & Above
left to right:

Joseph Colson, 4th; Brayden Feimann, 3rd; Joey DiLella, 2nd; Grady Bosanko, 1st

Girls Handicap Grades 9 & Above
left to right:

Dakota Evans, 4th; Patience Burdick, 3rd; Alexis Mosher, 2nd; Gabrielle Branch, 1st