Workers Compensation Program

Are you taking advantage of this valuable member benefit? Our NYS BPA Workers Compensation Safety Group with The State Insurance Fund is managed by Insurance Office of America, Syracuse, NY.

This "members only" program offers an upfront discount of 20% PLUS it pays an annual dividend on audited premiums. Dividends have been averaging close to 40% over the last 10 years. The group has declared a 50% Dividend for the past 3 years..
For details on how you can participate in this program, please contact Lori Ganville, NYS BPA Workers Compensation Coordinator: 607-754-3500 or 

Here's a tip from the Insurance Office of America on filing Workers Comp claim with the State Insurance Fund.

Workers Compensation claims should be filed electronically with The State Insurance Fund at This provides you with an immediate claim number and automatically sends a copy of the claim to the Workers Compensation Board. If you are unable to file electronically, you can complete the attached C2 form below and contact Lori Ganville at Insurance Office of America for assistance.

C2 Form

The NYS BPA also has a network of brokers across the state that can help you with all your insurance needs, Property & Casualty Disability and more. Contact the NYS BPA for the broker in your area. See listings below.

NYSBPA Brokers

Jim Cullinan, Capacity Coverage Company
Phone: 201-661-2000 Email:

Joe O'Connor, Lawley Services
Phone: 716-849-8618 Email:

Zachary Ottman - Insurance of America
Phone: 585-775-5381 Email:

Lori Glanville - Insurance of America
Phone: 607-338-1243 Email:


Feel free to contact us at anytime.

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